March 28, 2010

A preview of my upcoming DVD series...

From the back cover:

"Revelation is easily the most widely-misunderstood
and confusing book in the entire Bible. And for many,
it's the scariest!

Is Revelation a detailed map of political world events
that we are currently experiencing? Or is it a symbolic
allegory describing the general triumph of God over
evil? Or. . . is it something else entirely?

Ironically, Revelation was originally written to make
things clear to 1st century Christians!

In this DVD course James-Michael Smith leads viewers
through the Book of Revelation, focusing on the people
and events to whom the book was originally written.
Only when one sees what Revelation said to the original
hearers are we then prepared to step back and see
what this mysterious and misunderstood apocalyptic
text has to say to the people of God throughout the ages.

And--perhaps just as important--what it doesn't say."

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