March 12, 2010

Best book on Revelation I've ever read

Hey everyone,

I just finished reading the BEST book on Revelation that I have ever come across HANDS DOWN! (And since that's an area I've specialized in over the past decade of study, I don't wholeheartedly endorse whole books on it flippantly). I wanted to share it with the Dojo readers.

If you want to understand the structure, themes, message and RELEVANCY of this most enigmatic book of the Bible, get your hands on a copy of Craig Koester's "Revelation and the End of All Things." You won't be sorry.

It's rare that a book combines the guided tour of a commentary with the literary phrasing of a devotional. Koester's book accomplishes both in my opinion.



Carmen said...

Cool! That's nice to know about. Thanks for sharing!

dave said...

great tip, thanks,

a good bit of the book can be read online here

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