April 27, 2010

More resources I've released...spread the word!

I've just released the entire "Apocalypse Now??" course on audio CD in a 10-disc set that people can now purchase. The cost is $35 (plus P&H). Here's a description of the course:

War in the Middle-East! One-world Government! Tsunamis! Earthquakes! Are we living in the “Last Days”? Is Armageddon right around the corner? What does the Bible teach about all this? Is the Apocalypse at hand?? Questions like these concern what theologians call “eschatology”, that is, study of the end-times. In this course James-Michael Smith leads participants through a survey of various ways Christians have looked at the end times and the relevant Biblical passages. Challenging popular misconceptions put forth by the media (both Christian and secular), “Apocalypse Now??” will equip the reader of Scripture to understand and interpret the Bible’s teaching on eschatology in a thoughtful and reflective manner and read Scripture on its own terms rather than through the lens of modern imagination. Regardless of one’s end-time views, this course will challenge as well as edify the believer in their walk with the God who controls all human history!

I'll be releasing my Revelation DVDs soon as well! Stay tuned for more details.

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April 21, 2010

Apocalypse Now?? - weeks 1-8 available for download now!!

Weeks 1-8 of my 10-week course on End Times called "Apocalypse Now??" are available to listen to online or download into iTunes!

If you haven't had a chance to take this class, you can follow along or subscribe to the podcast at http://sermon.net/jmsmith

There are other messages available there as well. Check it out...and tell you're friends!!


April 13, 2010

Need help getting rid of 2 EXCELLENT resources!

In the ongoing effort to keep my Biblical languages up, I recently got a copy of Zondervan's Reader's Hebrew and Greek Bible.

I had the original Reader's Hebrew Bible and Reader's Greek New Testament separately, but I found that I didn't use them very often because I didn't want to have to carry around both books. Now that I've got the 1-volume version, I'd like to get rid of the separate volumes. They're in practically brand new condition (except for a couple of pencil notes and highlighted words here and there) and I'd love to get them in the hands of someone who would use them. They're perfect resources for keeping your Hebrew and/or Greek up, as each page contains glosses at the bottom for words that occur less frequently. And the bindings are that sweet Italian Duo-Tone that feels so nice in your hands! :)

I'd love it if I could get $20 for the NT and $30 for the OT. (They retail at $34.99 and $49.99 respectively...what a bargain!) You could pay through paypal and I'd ship them at no charge.

Any takers?

First come, first serve. Lemme know at jamesmichael7@yahoo.com

They really are great resources!

April 8, 2010

The Gospel and modern Judaism

Here's the video link from my latest Examiner article on the subject

April 7, 2010

What are the 'Bible Codes'?

Are there really secret codes embedded in the Biblical texts which, by using computers, we can now decode in order to gain insight into current world events?

Find out HERE...

The 3-Legged Stool of Dating...

April 1, 2010

Next batch of "Bible for the Rest of Us" available!

I just released my next batch of my "Bible for the Rest of Us" DVD course after selling the first 50 I had printed up.


...I've lowered the price.

Now EVERYONE gets the original alumni price of $50.00!


So, those of you who couldn't afford the original $100 price for the course (which was STILL a bargain!), now you have no excuse whatsoever! So order your copy today before this batch sells out as well!

And if you don't know what "Bible for the Rest of Us" is, go here


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