August 27, 2009

Fall Season of don't want to miss it!!

"CharlotteONE will kick-off her fall season on Tuesday, September 15th @ 7:00pm at First United Methodist Church in Uptown. This new season will include: Todd Phillips, Donald Miller, David Crowder (Nov. 18), Charlie Hall, Daraja Children's Choir and others! For more information about CharlotteONE go to or"

Fall Schedule:

Sept. 15 - Todd Phillips
Sept. 19 - City-Wide Service Project (Bethlehem Center / 9am-12pm)
Sept. 22 - Todd Phillips
Sept. 29 - Todd Phillips
Oct. 6 - David Hickman
Oct. 13 - David Hickman
Oct. 20 - Donald Miller (FREE)
Oct. 27 - James-Michael Smith
Nov. 3 - James-Michael Smith
Nov. 10 - Charlie Hall
Wednesday, Nov. 18 - David Crowder at Forest Hill Church
Nov. 21 - City-Wide Service Project (TBA)
Nov. 24 - David Hickman
Dec. 1 - Daraja Children's Choir

A U2 worship service - Has Bono gone Methodist?

A U2 worship service - Has Bono gone Methodist?

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August 4, 2009

Who are the 'Sons of God' and 'Daughters of Men' in Genesis 6? (Part 2)

Who are the 'Sons of God' and 'Daughters of Men' in Genesis 6? (Part 2)

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I'm now writing for The Olio

The Olio (, is a collection of Christian writers who contribute articles and devotionals in the areas of culture, theology, discipleship and other things pertaining to the Christian walk.

The word “olio” means “a miscellany, a medley” and that’s what this site is all about as it pertains to the journey of following Jesus. More than 40 leaders, thinkers, and practitioners will be converging on this site each month to share their thoughts on their journey.

I'll be a regular contributor, along with a number of other excellent up-and-coming Christian writers, thinkers and bloggers. Be sure to check it out!

Here's a link to my profile there:

Enjoy and help spread the word!


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