April 7, 2009

Want to bring the Dojo to a church near you??

So as many of you know, one of my passions is getting to open up Scripture to those who've never been exposed to its treasures, or if they have, have only gotten glimpses on occasion. During the last 5 years at Good Shepherd, I've been able to do this full-time as Discipleship Pastor, and it's been wonderful.

But as much as I (and Talbot) would prefer, not everyone is able to come take a Passage class or Sunday morning class at Good Shepherd.

So, after I officially step down from my position at the church on April 30th, I would love to continue equipping believers as much as possible regardless of location or church home.

That being said, if your church, ministry or a church or ministry you know of would benefit from any of the following topics or courses, I'd love to come teach and help them go deeper in their knowledge of God's Word. Here are some courses and topics I've taught on that would work well in various formats (i.e. Sunday School class, Weekend seminar, evening class, small group or retreat settings, etc.):

Seminar Topics or Short-term Studies

The Bible for the Rest of Us – a course covering Scripture’s origin, translation, interpretation and most importantly, how NOT to interpret it (6 sessions)

End-Times Craziness - a look at the various views Christians have of the end times and where they come from in Scripture (2-4 sessions depending on level of detail desired)

Jonah: More Than a Whale! - a 2-session look at the book of Jonah that goes beyond what we learned as kids.

In the Beginning - a 2-3 session look at Gen.1-2's account of creation

Honor and Shame - a 1 session study of Paul's letter to Philemon

Who am "I"?? - a 2-3 session study of Romans 5-8

"Whatchu talkin' bout, Jesus?" - a 2 session look at different translations of the Bible and why they matter (also called "Say What?"...for those who are too young or too old to recognize the quote!)

144K - A 1-2 session study of the 144,000 in the book of Revelation

"Fulfilled or Filled Fully?" - a 1-2 session study on Matthew's use of the OT

TULIPs and Daisies? - a 2-3 session look at Calvinism, Arminianism and salvation in Scripture

Before Abraham was, I AM - a 2-4 session study on the divinity of Christ (aka. "The Trinity for dummies")

Extended courses:

Apocalypse Now AND Then: Revealing Revelation (10-12 sessions)

Romans in Context – (10-12 sessions)

It’s Worth Everything: The Letter to the Hebrews – (8-10 sessions)

Exodus: Movement of God's People - (10-12 sessions)

Numbers: Into the Wilderness - (8-10 sessions)

I don't have a set teaching rate or speaking fee (as I find that a bit presumptuous personally). So if there's a little country or store-front or house church that wants to offer courses like these, but can't bring in someone to teach them, I'd hate to know it was because of money! Likewise, if a church had been blessed by God financially so that they are able to generously bless those who teach Scripture, and wanted to offer these type of courses to their congregation, I see that as God's sovereign way of handling the provisions for those He calls to minister to His Bride. :)

So at the risk of sounding shameless in self-promotion, please share this list of topics with your Pastor, ministry leader, or other Christians who might be interested. And if they are, have them email me at jamesmichael7@yahoo.com for scheduling and logistical discussions. (In fact, feel free to beg, or even camp outside their office door and go on hunger-strike until they agree...Pastors and Ministry Leaders love that kind of thing...)

Okay, this already sounds more like an infomerical than I'm comfortable with, so thanks for reading and helping to spread the word.


ps: And just to provide some extra street cred, Here's a not-at-all-posed-or-staged shot of me hard at work preparing amazing teaching experiences for one and all...

See all the books? Isn't this what you're supposed to do when marketing your services? That's what all those really credible and trustworthy local Law Firm commercials do, so it must be the way to go!

(Okay, I admit it...those aren't real books. They're really just a facade behind which to hide my secret cache of nunchucks, throwing stars, Simpsons DVDs and numerous 20th degree Black Belts in every deadly art known to man...including Indian Leg-Wrestling.)


Mary said...

So, you like scripture virgins? I can understand that.

Got a series on Sex With God?

Good luck.

JMS said...

Hi "Mary", what brought you to the Dojo?

Anonymous said...

JMS, can you give us a photo tour of what's behind your bookcase before you offically depart from GSUMC? -Ben S.

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