April 1, 2009

It's time for another song. If this doesn't fire you up...

...I don't know what will. There are few sounds I enjoy more than hip hop laid over solid instrumentals. And when the lyrics are on par with the best worship lyrics out there I like it even more! So if you're looking for something to play while driving, working out, or just whenever you want to worship God in an edgier way I recommend "Joyful Noise" by two of the best hip hop artists on the planet right now, Flame and Lecrae:


ps: and for Hip hop-illiterate out there, here's a link to the song with lyrics on the screen! :)

1 comment:

AK Blogs said...

I have to agree. This song is by far one of the sickest songs I have ever heard. I would put it up next to any secular hip hop song in a heart beat. The beat is hot, and the their style (Lecrae and Flame) is off the chain. This is all while being a worship song. Holla!

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