November 5, 2008

Our soon-to-be-President

This is an historic period in our country's history, absolutely. Tuesday night America chose our next president, Barak Obama. As someone who is a political Independent I have seen good and bad in both candidates. Now that the country has spoken it's time to get behind our next Commander in Chief no matter who we voted for.

First, the good news. President Obama will VASTLY increase America's reputation around the world. There's a reason the world followed this particular election so closely. Obama represents what the world sees as America's shift away from its Neoconservative foreign policy and racial hypocrisy (regardless of whether or not such reputations are deserved).

Obama's victory has also done much to chip away at the cynicism, particularly among young urban voters, regarding the importance of being involved in the political process we are so fortunate to have. It was also good to see the excitement among students, particularly among non-white students, as we finally see tangible evidence that in order to hold the highest office in the land, you don't have to be the stereotypical "old rich white guy". This has, in theory, always been the case; but now it's become a reality.

Also, Obama is to be commended for his desire to meet with Americas enemies diplomatically with no preconditions. This is, in my opinion, much closer to the Gospel's demand that we be peacemakers and that we go to those who we realize have things against us, rather than waiting for them to come to us.

Lastly, Obama does not hold to the dangerous ideological/theological worldview that sees America as God's Nation and the various "end times" scenarios that such theologies almost always entail.

Now the bad news. There has never been a President who shows less regard for human rights of the unborn than Obama. Here is his address to Planned Parenthood, the most powerful advocate of legalized abortion in the country.

Obama has the potential to be an incredible world leader...but not as long as he supports--no, fights to uphold--the ongoing holocaust of the womb. God's heart is for the most vulnerable in society...even those who He knits together in their mother's womb (Psalm 139:13).

Therefore, as followers of the TRUE One in charge, it is our calling and duty to pray for President-elect Obama. May he govern with Wisdom. May he see the awful reality of fetal genocide (what else can you call the death of 50 million innocents in the last 30 years??) and may his heart be brought to repentence and may he then TRULY be one who brings change.


ps: I have to say though, it's pretty cool that our next President can drive the lane! :)


Speech said...

I couldn't agree with you general. The ONLY part I would disagree with is his PRO-DEATH views. I think like myself and so many others. Obama is simply uninformed as to the details of the issue. And all of the likely hate-mail and character accusations he gets from Pro-lifers as probably numbed him from even HEARING the argument. I think the best route for us all is to do what we all have to do with other things we can't control.....PRAY to the LORD!


JMS said...

Hey Speech, thanks for stopping by! I definitely want to support Obama and will pray continually for him. The only thing I have a hard time believing is that he's uninformed on the issue. As a Senator, he's had to sit before numerous committees and hear argumentation on the issue including its graphic details. His staunch support of Planned Parenthood (originally founded as a eugenics movement by Margaret Sanger - ) simply cannot be the result of ignorance. If it is, then we must do everything we can to get the word to his ears.

Speaking of ears, when is the next Arrested Development album gonna hit ours?? :)

Blessings brother,
JMS said...

James Michael! I wasn't sure what I'd get when I came to this post, but I have to say that I'm stoked that you're so supportive. I'm with you on abortion as well, but from a biological standpoint more than a theological one.

Anyway, I hope you are well and take care.

JMS said...

Thanks Brandon. Great hearing from you! I hope all is well out there on your coast. Let us know if you ever come back to the QC.

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