October 29, 2008

Christians suffering persecution in India right now

For those who haven't heard yet, radicals in the Indian state of Orissa have been killing Christians and destroying their property, schools and orphanages. There is some history there involving the killing of a radical Hindu leader and the blaming of Christians for it, as well as previous tensions between radicals and Christians in that region.

Please help get the word out about this human rights violation. The largest democracy in the world should not have things like this happening within one of its states.

Here's a story from India's national newspaper as well:

Christian federation condemns Orissa violence

NEW YORK: The Federation of Indian Christian Organisations in North America
has expressed shock over continuing violence against Christians in Orissa and
demanded an immediate inquiry and replacement of the local police and
paramilitary forces by the Army to stop “ethnic cleansing by Hindu
fundamentalist outfits.”
The federation, in a statement, demanded the
dismissal of the State government which, it said, had failed to protect its own
It rejected the contention of the State government that the
situation was under control, saying six more churches were burnt since that
statement was made by the authorities. Hundreds of Christian houses had been set
afire and more than 60,000 Christians were hiding in forests without food and
water. Also, the number of missing persons was rising, it said.
radicals are making plans to cleanse Orissa of its Christian population. The
brutal mob goes on raping nuns and beating up priests. There have been more than
3,000 forcible re-conversions to Hinduism,” it said.


Here is another story that focuses on a pastor and his family's struggle there: http://www.morungexpress.com/frontpage/orissasreality458.html

Please pray for the persecuted and help raise awareness of it any way you can.


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This link gives the visual perspective and additional information of these events in India.

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