October 24, 2008

Cheap T's that can change the culture...

For those who may not know about it, the banner at the top of my blog is to a website dedicated to educating society regarding the issue of abortion. They take a grassroots approach, particularly on college campuses (where future legislators and judges are currently residing!). They recently released a series of limited edition t-shirts with one of my favorite of their tag lines for $7.50 each.

Now a t-shirt for under 8 bucks is usually a good thing. But a t-shirt for under 8 bucks that raises awareness of social injustice and whose proceeds go toward educating others about it is a great thing! So if any of you want to join me in sporting some sweet gear for a righteous cause, drop by


and snatch one up for you or someone you know who'd wear it. And help spread the word about abort73.com to everyone you know. It was just such grassroots action among 19th century British citizens that helped pave the way for William Wilberforce's ultimate victory in Parliament that abolished the slave trade. If ol' Wilby was around today, I'm sure he'd be rockin' the $7.50 Lapis blue abort73.com t-shirt...just like me.

Change minds, change culture, change the world


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