November 13, 2008

Sarah Palin and gender equality thoughts...

This afternoon I got an email from my friend Rick Hiner with a link to a blog that cited a paper his wife Amanda had written about gender equality in this country in the aftermath of the election. Amanda and Rick have been in a number of classes with me here at GS and Amanda has time and time again impressed me with her insight and eloquence...though with her being a Ph.D, one shouldn't be surprised. Regardless of who we voted for, I think Amanda makes excellent points in her essay and I wanted to share them with the Dojo and welcome any discussion on the topic.

I've loved getting to know Amanda and Rick in class and am truly grateful to have people like them in our church community!


ps: I must confess though that as far as Lampooning goes, Fey's Palin was far better than previous candidate impersonations...and it seems that even Palin enjoyed it when she appeared on the show. :)

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