April 13, 2010

Need help getting rid of 2 EXCELLENT resources!

In the ongoing effort to keep my Biblical languages up, I recently got a copy of Zondervan's Reader's Hebrew and Greek Bible.

I had the original Reader's Hebrew Bible and Reader's Greek New Testament separately, but I found that I didn't use them very often because I didn't want to have to carry around both books. Now that I've got the 1-volume version, I'd like to get rid of the separate volumes. They're in practically brand new condition (except for a couple of pencil notes and highlighted words here and there) and I'd love to get them in the hands of someone who would use them. They're perfect resources for keeping your Hebrew and/or Greek up, as each page contains glosses at the bottom for words that occur less frequently. And the bindings are that sweet Italian Duo-Tone that feels so nice in your hands! :)

I'd love it if I could get $20 for the NT and $30 for the OT. (They retail at $34.99 and $49.99 respectively...what a bargain!) You could pay through paypal and I'd ship them at no charge.

Any takers?

First come, first serve. Lemme know at jamesmichael7@yahoo.com

They really are great resources!


Amy said...

I'm asking around Candler for those who are actually taking Hebrew/Greek right now, but I might be interested if nobody else is.

JMS said...

Aww, thanks Amy...but I already found homes for both of them! :)

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