April 27, 2010

More resources I've released...spread the word!

I've just released the entire "Apocalypse Now??" course on audio CD in a 10-disc set that people can now purchase. The cost is $35 (plus P&H). Here's a description of the course:

War in the Middle-East! One-world Government! Tsunamis! Earthquakes! Are we living in the “Last Days”? Is Armageddon right around the corner? What does the Bible teach about all this? Is the Apocalypse at hand?? Questions like these concern what theologians call “eschatology”, that is, study of the end-times. In this course James-Michael Smith leads participants through a survey of various ways Christians have looked at the end times and the relevant Biblical passages. Challenging popular misconceptions put forth by the media (both Christian and secular), “Apocalypse Now??” will equip the reader of Scripture to understand and interpret the Bible’s teaching on eschatology in a thoughtful and reflective manner and read Scripture on its own terms rather than through the lens of modern imagination. Regardless of one’s end-time views, this course will challenge as well as edify the believer in their walk with the God who controls all human history!

I'll be releasing my Revelation DVDs soon as well! Stay tuned for more details.

To order any of my current available DVD/CD resources, use the Paypal button below:



marlin said...

JM I can't figure out your email address to email you, but I would like to buy 2 copies of the Apocplyps CD's. marlinlasalle@yahoo.com

JMS said...

Marlin, you can order them through the paypal button right here on this post. Let me know if it doesn't work for you.

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