May 3, 2009

My Kinda Town...

For those who don't know, I'm leaving Monday morning (5/4) to make a road trip up to Chicago for about a week or so. I'll be going there primarily to meet with Dr. Daniel Block at Wheaton College to discuss a potential Ph.D study under him in 2011 as well as to get more insight into the whole process of making the jump from ministry to academia.

While there I plan on visiting a few friends, some old, some new, as well as checking out the city a little more. I visited briefly in '04 but didn't get a chance to see much. This time I'll be on my own with no agenda (except meeting Dr. Block) and plenty of time to check things out. It'll be me, my Honda Element, a number of books, and my laptop for a week on the road. I'm hoping to get more work done on my book as well as post a few more articles for the Examiner. [Check there every day--or multiple times per day!--to see what pops up this week. And remember, every click puts a little $$$ in my account, so tell EVERYONE you know!]

After that, I'll be heading to GA for Mother's Day with my family and then back here to home sweet home in the Queen City. After that...who knows? This whole unemployment/teaching-on-demand/checking-out-Ph.D-programs thing isn't really conducive to maintaining a set schedule....which is probably why it suits me!

Love from the Dojo!

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Mary said...

Happy Mother's Day!

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