January 11, 2009

Real change, or rhetoric? Let's hope the former!

My friend and fellow GS Pastor, Ron Dozier, sent me a link to the following letter yesterday. It was so good I wanted to share it with the Dojo, as you all know my passion on this issue:

Mr. Obama, Is Change Really Gonna Come? Asks Day Gardner, National Black Pro-Life Union
by Staff January 9, 2009

WASHINGTON, (christiansunite.com) -- Day Gardner, President of the National Black Pro-Life Union, submits the following and is available for comment:

Okay so here we are. Despite still lingering questions about his eligibility, Barack Obama is about to become the first non-white president of the United States of America. Many black Americans have come to view an Obama presidency as the final frontier in the vast universe of racism while white America hopes that having a black man in the White House will finally redeem their racist past once and for all. I believe with regard to race the best white America can honestly hope for is that an Obama presidency will serve as a type of bridge over the racial gap-- keeping in mind--the gap is still there. I believe the best that blacks can realistically do at this point is exhale--in hopes for eventual and absolute equality.

I think most Americans, me included, are looking to see what "change" will come from the man who made the word his entire campaign strategy.

To answer the question of what needs to be changed in the black community especially, we must look seriously at what was--how were things before Mr. Obama?

Before Barack Obama was elected president Planned Parenthood and other abortion organizations managed to kill 17 million black children by abortion since 1973, making abortion the number one killer of black people.

Before Obama, 36% of all abortions were performed on black girls -- abortion facilities are still purposefully placed in minority areas.

Before Obama, Planned Parenthood which is an overtly racist, billion dollar baby killing machine-- drenched in the blood of black folk, received over 300 million of our tax dollars to continue the vicious dismembering and killing of innocent children.

Though I did not vote for Barack Obama, it is my hope that he will prove be the greatest president of all time. It is my hope and prayer that he will have the strength needed to refuse to be bought off by the big abortion guns and advocates. I hope and pray that he will hear the small voices of black children and all children in the womb crying out to be born. I hope and pray that he will see that every child born and unborn is equal in God's eyes and therefore deserving of birth. Children are not expendable. I pray that he will act speedily to stop the stream of tax payer funding to the billion dollar Planned Parenthood.

Mr. President-Elect , will you please change what Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, GH Bush, Clinton and GW Bush wouldn't or couldn't? Abortion has killed more 50 million children in just over 30 years. On behalf of the children I implore you--the campaigner for change--to change that!

Day Gardner is president of the National Black Pro- Life Union, an organization founded to serve as a clearing house to coordinate the flow of communications among all African American pro-life organizations and individuals in order to better network and combine resources. www.nationalblackprolifeunion.com


Let us continue praying for President-elect Obama, that God would grant him the wisdom to govern wisely and change his position on the greatest social injustice we face in this country today.


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