January 23, 2009

36 years of genocide and counting...

Though it didn't get much press this week due to all the inauguration events, yesterday marked the 36th anniversary of the worst legal decision in the history of the Supreme Court. That such a poorly-reasoned decision could pass in the nation's highest legal body is baffling. That it resulted in the legal killing of over 40 million people (more than six times the number of victims of the Holocaust!) is heart-wrenching and represents the biggest blight on our nation's history record. May God change our hearts and the hearts and minds of those who support this social injustice, just as he changed the hearts and minds of those who supported past evils such as slavery, lack of women's rights and relocation of Native American populations.

And for those who, like President Obama, still insist that there is uncertainty regarding when life comes into existence and that it's "something only God can judge", Abort73.com has more than enough clear, scientific, and medical evidence to show how false this claimed ignorance truly is.

Please read the following article and pass it on to anyone you can so that we can continue to act in accordance with God's wisdom: "Open your mouth on behalf of those unable to speak, for the legal rights of all the dying. " (Pro 31:8 NET)

Page Summary:
It is false to claim that no one knows when life begins and dishonest to argue that abortion does not kill a human being.

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