January 2, 2010

They're here!! My 'Bible for the Rest of Us' course now available!

My DVD course "Bible for the Rest of Us" is now available and ready to ship!

The course consists of 3 DVDs containing sixteen 20-35 min. sessions covering topics such as:

* Why so many Bible translations?

* What is Inspiration?
* Can we trust the Biblical manuscripts?
* An overview of the Old Testament
* How do we interpret hard passages in the Bible?
* Are the Bibles we read today accurate?
* New Testament overview
* The importance of Context and historical background
* Famous misinterpreted or mistranslated passages in the Bible
* How to choose a good translation and study Bible

...and much much more!

The 4th disc contains PDF files of the leader's guide as well as the 50+ page participant's workbook. That means that individuals doing this study in a small group or Sunday school class don't have to pony up an additional $10-$20 for a workbook!

The cost of the complete course is $100, which includes the rights to print as many workbooks as needed. (Small group studies of this size and scope usually cost two or three times this much!)

Here is the front and back cover for the DVD case along with the text:


"Does studying the Bible sometimes make you feel like a dummy? You’re not alone! The Bible is a confusing book. But it’s not just for scholars and clergy-it’s for the rest of us too. This 6-session course takes a closer look at how to read, study, interpret and understand God’s Word more accurately and responsibly.

Each week participants can follow along in their workbooks (which are included in PDF format) as topics such as translation, inspiration, text-criticism, and interpretation are explored in detail. On-screen notes, charts and graphics help bring the information to life and provide an in-class feel ideal for small groups or Sunday School classes. The course is divided into five parts, with each session between 20-40 mins. in length:

Part 1 - Bible Basics (5 sessions)
Part 2 - The Hebrew Bible (2 sessions)
Part 3 - Interpreting the OT (3 sessions)
Part 4 - The New Testament (2 sessions)
Part 5 - Misunderstood Passages (4 sessions)

Whether you’ve studied the Bible for decades or just received your first copy, you’ll definitely be exposed to a fresh encounter with God’s Word each week!

"The perception in America is that Christians are products of a blind allegiance to the Bible. Unfortunately, this view is fairly accurate. Bible for the Rest of Us will change that. This course transforms a person's understanding of the bible and will empower them to grow into more informed and educated believers." --Chris Macedo - Pastor of Worship, Good Shepherd UMC

“James-Michael's "Bible for the Rest of Us" was an excellent experience. It was better than some of my seminary classes. James-Michael combines a heart for God and intimate knowledge of his word with a high capacity to teach with humor, wit and simplicity. Its a real treat for anyone interested in learning more about the Bible on its own terms.” --Rich Tuttle - United Methodist Pastor

“Standing on a firm theological foundation, James-Michael is able to clearly communicate the timeless truths of the Christian faith in a way any listener can understand and appreciate.”
--David Hickman - Executive Director, CharlotteONE

James-Michael Smith (M.Div, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary) is a teacher/speaker who writes as the national Methodist Examiner [www.examiner.com] and The Olio [theolio.org]. He served for five years as pastor of discipleship at Good Shepherd UMC in Charlotte, NC where he oversaw the church’s PASSAGE school of theology, Discipleship, Adult Education, FUSION Young Adult Ministry, Men’s Ministry and Small Groups. He speaks on occasion at CharlotteONE: (www.charlotteone.org), a citywide worship gathering of young adults in the metro Charlotte area. He loves teaching about and discussing obscure biblical passages, philosophy of religion, the Hebrew Bible, and theological or spiritual truths (as well as anything pertaining to the Simpsons, MMA, or Ron Burgundy)."

If you'd like to order this course, just click on the paypal link. Or you'd prefer to pay by check you can email me at jamesmichael7@yahoo.com for details on how to do so. If you are someone who has taken the course live (either at Good Shepherd or Americus First UMC) you automatically qualify for the almuni 50% discount! (If you have not, then please do not select that option...I'm using the honor system on this one, folks!)

Blessings in this new year,

Also, here are some sample clips from the sessions. Please share these with your Pastor, Deacon, Elder, Small Group leader or anyone else who may be interested in purchasing the course for their church! Depending on the success of this course, there may be more to follow! :)


Introduction to the course:

Scripture and Science:

What does it mean to be 'Lukewarm'?:

Bible for the Rest of Us DVD course

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