August 29, 2008

Thank you Amie Berryhill!!

Why am I thanking my fellow GSUMC staffer? Because she sent a link today to one of the best blogs I've read ever!

Oh how true so much of it is!

Enjoy and have a great weekend,


Mike in San Antonio said...

James - just a quick comment that I love your "Dojo of Discipleship" motif. I recently preached a sermon series on the spiritual disciplines called the "Way of the Warrior" using a Karate Kid parody and calling people to pursue "life on the vine" in the "Dojo of Faith." Great imagery to grab onto!

JMS said...

That's excellent, Mike! Back when I preached a message on prayer and perseverance last year I used a few clips from Karate Kid. If Paul can cite pagan poets to make theological points (Act.17) then I think Mr. Miyagi is just fine! :)

Anonymous said...

: ) I just noticed this.

I must confess... I just googled myself and this came up like third on the list! HA!

: )


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