July 21, 2008

Prayer for a spiritual warrior woman...

Hi everyone,

This isn't a typical post for the Dojo. I would just like everyone to pray for my friend Lynda Peeler. She's a member of GSUMC and one of my favorite people along with her husband Gary. Lynda has cancer of the liver and is undergoing some pretty brutal chemo. Right now her white count is too low to do her next round of chemo though. Please pray that her count raises so that she can continue being treated, as the chemo apparently has been doing its job. Pray also for Gary. He's just a fantastic guy and this is extremely hard for him (though you'd never ever hear him complain for an instant because of how much he loves and adores Lynda!).

Thanks gang,

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SELAH said...

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Gary and Lynda on Monday evening. I took dinner to them and they were so grateful but I felt like I was the one receiving a blessing. Just being around them is incredible! Lynda is so frail and yet such a strong Christian woman. And Gary absolutely exudes love for her. I hope Bert loves me that much in 25 years! The Peelers have been and will continue to be in me thoughts and prayers.

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