March 1, 2008

I don't do this very often...

...and want to handle it in the most compassionate and sensitive way possible without adding further fuel to a long-burning fire, but as I'm reading the Biography of William Wilberforce right now, I can't NOT say something as a Teacher of God's Word, a follower of Jesus, and a citizen of this country. This is not meant to be a political statement of any kind endorsing any candidate or party during this election year. In my mind, this is far beyond a political issue. This is simply meant to educate us and, if need be, open our eyes to a horrible reality that like our British counterparts 2 centuries ago, we prefer to leave behind closed doors or tucked away under a rug somewhere out of sight.

The British slave-trade was ended by the efforts of people like William Wilberforce who spent their lives getting into the hearts and minds of the British people and politicians what the true horrors of the slave-trade consisted of. Many people were offended or preferred to remain blissfully unaware of the savagery being carried out under the banner of their flag. That didn't stop Wilberforce or the abolitionists from speaking out and pursuing every avenue for change available to them.

Today we face an injustice that makes the slave-trade pale in comparison.

[Warning: this may--rather, should--be extremely disturbing to those who are unfamiliar with what is currently taking place legally in our land. But there are some things that we who will one day stand before our Creator and give an account of what we did with what we were given simply cannot turn a blind eye toward.]

If anyone reading this has experienced the horror of abortion firsthand, or knows someone who has, hear this:

You are not an "enemy".
You are not "spoiled".
You are not "a murderer".
You are not "unloved".

These are lies that have heaped shame, guilt, and fear on millions of women for years now by some who oppose abortion-on-demand. This is not the way Jesus faced injustice! If you have had an abortion, paid for an abortion, or knows someone who has done either, hear this:

You are loved.
You are valued.
You are precious.
You are someone Jesus gave His life for.
And because of that...
You are forgiven.

If you need help, assistance, or prayer regarding or related to this issue, we are here to walk together with you through it.

Forget the rhetoric. Forget the politics. Remember humanity.


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